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Top 10 Reasons to Join a Top Tier Direct Sales From Home Company

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Listed below, you will find top ten reasons to join a Top Tier direct sale from home or MLM Company. Please know that these reasons are simple opinion. You may agree or disagree with my reasons, because at the end they are simply that…my reasons. Here we go:

1) Reasonable Start Up Costs: In most cases, the start-up costs for a Top Tier Direct Sales or MLM Company ranges from a few hundred dollars to $5,000. In a few cases, it is either a little bit less or a little bit more. While this is more expensive than a traditional Company, it is still much cheaper than starting a traditional business, such as a franchise (I.E. Fast Food Franchise).

2) Large Up Front Commissions: Top Tier Companies pay large up front commissions when someone joins. The profit ranges from $500 to $5,000. That puts immediate profits into your pocket. To earn the same amount of money off another person in a traditional MLM Company would probably take you 2-5 years (assuming they stayed around that long).

3) Immediate Income: This is similar to # 2, but most traditional MLM Companies take several years to build a large income. Since the profit margins are so small, you have to build a large organization with a traditional Company, in order to make a large immediate income. With a Top Tier Direct Sales Company, you can earn immediate income from day one. For instance, if you make $1,000 per sign up, you could earn $5,000 in your first month by sponsoring five people. Try doing that in a traditional network marketing Company.

4) Higher Retention Rates: When people invest a few thousand dollars to start a business, they are much more serious. Few people will spend $2,000 today and quit in two weeks. In a traditional MLM Company, poor retention is one of the biggest issues.

5) No “Tire Kickers” or Quitters: In a traditional MLM Company, you end up baby-sitting grown adults, listening to their pity parties about why they can’t build a business. Or, you listen to a bunch of financially destitute, unemployed or broke people tell you why they don’t have the $50 to pay the enrollment fee. With a Top Tier MLM Company, you won’t work with this type of people. I’m not knocking people in the categories listed above. I’m just saying that I would rather work with financially secure, confident, and serious entrepreneurs.

6) Less Competition: You have less competition promoting a Top Tier Direct Sales or MLM Company. Most of these companies have less people promoting the business opportunity (online or offline), than a traditional MLM Company. On the other hand, if you do an internet search for a traditional MLM Company, you will find THOUSANDS of people promoting it.

7) Great Income Potential: I truly believe that Top Tier direct sales from home or MLM Companies offer great income potential, during the first few years. However, I also realize that you can earn a small fortune with a traditional MLM Company, after 5-10 years.

8) Marketing System: One of my favorite things about Top Tier Direct Sales and MLM Companies is that they offer great marketing systems. One of the biggest struggles for network marketers is that they get involved and don’t have a good coach to help them market their business. They sign up and never hear from their sponsor again. The key to any business is marketing. That’s why you should join a company with a good marketing system in place. Most Top Tier Companies have a dedicated sales force that follows up with your leads for you. How cool is that!

9) Return on Investment: With a Top Tier MLM Company, it’s easier to get a positive return on your investment right away. In most cases, you only need to generate 1-3 sales to recover your initial investment.

10) Less Stressful: Period. Looking at aforementioned points it occurs to me that having more support, a larger return on investment, and longer retention rates is just less stressful!

List of Top Tier MLM Companies

Listed below, you will find a list of the Top Tier MLM Companies. This is not an all-inclusive list. I learn about new companies every day:

• Carbon Copy Pro®
• Pyxism®
• Life Path Unlimited®
• Polaris Media Group®
• Liberty League International®
• Global Resorts Network®

Final Thoughts About Direct Sales From Home Companies

In summary, Top Tier Direct Sales Companies offer a unique business opportunity for the serious entrepreneur. (Emphasis on “Serious Entrepreneur”). Your key to success is to find a good company, with a good system, that fits with your core beliefs and commitments. Then team up with one of the company’s top earners. That way, you have a mentor to help you succeed. Many marketers are now doing both business models at the same time. That way, they have immediate income and long-term residual income. Ultimately, this decision is made by the entrepreneur and what fits them.

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Offline Marketing Activities

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There are a ton of offline marketing activities that you can do to market your business. It doesn’t matter if your primary business is offline or online, the offline marketing activities that you can engage in are numerous. In this article, I delve on some of these offline marketing activities so that you can find out a way to increase your sales and profits.

But before we discuss offline marketing activities, I want to share with you why it’s important that you learn additional methods to market your business. In today’s world, it’s getting harder and harder to make money in business. People are cutting back with spending and a lot of mainstream businesses are reporting losses. Because of this, it’s important that you learn new and creative ways to market your business.

When I first got started with some of the offline marketing activities that I will share with you in this article, I was very young. This was during a time when the economy was awesome and the cost of doing business was very cheap. But needless to say, I still failed in making money. I failed for a number of reasons, and I will share some of those reasons with you also.

I had my hopes set on achieving financial success at a pretty fast pace because I had heard of so many success stories by others before me. I wanted to have success too, but I tried to “rush” my way to success. Rushing and making money doesn’t go hand in hand. And if you’ve tried rushing before, then you know exactly what I mean.

I mention this to you because I don’t want you to follow the same footsteps that I went down when my business wasn’t a success. I wasted thousands of dollars on offline marketing activities that were very ineffective for me. I don’t want you to go down the same path I went down which is why I created this article.

I want to share with you some of the offline marketing activities that I engaged in when I was having success with marketing. Here’s the first marketing strategy that I used to my advantage.

1) Direct mail

I’m still a big fan of direct mail but I don’t do it as much because of the costs associated with it. I think it’s around 50 cents to mail off a standard letter (or even higher), and costs like this really make it hard for someone to profit with direct mail. But if you’re wondering if direct mail can be something that is profitable for you, then you should know that it can be.

The first thing you need to know about doing direct mail is that you need a good list. Without a good list, your entire campaign won’t be a success. You can begin your search for a good list in something called the SRDS. The SRDS stands for the Standard Rate and Data Services, and includes a long list of mailing lists that you can purchase. Luckily, you don’t have to pay for this resource. It can be found down at your local library. Look through the lists and find some that could be good candidates.

The next attribute of your direct mail campaign that you have to be aware of is your offer. You need a good offer if you want to have success with direct mail. Analyze your offer and see if it makes sense or is good enough to mail out. You never want to partake in a low rate offer when it comes to direct mail. It’s a waste of time and money. Here’s one of another offline marketing activities that you should consider.

2) Magazine advertising

For some businesses this makes sense but for the majority of businesses out there you will have to get a little crafty to have success with this technique. If you’re a business owner who feels that you can’t use magazine advertising to your advantage, then maybe you should consider selling information products as a way to supplement your income.

Information products are simply “how to” products. These are paper and ink products where you show your visitor how to do something. So if you’re a chiropractor, you could offer an information product on “how to take care of yourself” or “how to get more new patients” – if selling directly to other chiropractors. There’s no limit to what you can do with this strategy, so keep this in mind.

I’ve used both of these offline marketing activities to have success in my business, and you can do the same too.

Good luck with using these offline marketing activities to further improve your business success.

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Database Marketing – How to Pull Profits From Your Most Valuable Asset

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Database Marketing is perhaps the most valuable aspect of your marketing system. A list of your past customers is the most valuable asset that you have.

The hardest and most expensive thing to do in any business is acquiring new customers and clients and there are a few reasons for this.

This is because you have to first gain their trust and then turn that trust into a relationship and relationships are developed over time.

People only do business with people they know, like, and trust.

Customers and clients that have already bought from you in the past have already proven that they trust you enough to buy your product or service. The most valuable list you can have is a list of proven buyers.

There are several things that you want to do to optimize your database for maximum results.

1). Get Your Customers to Buy More:

The first thing you need to do in order to begin pulling profits from your database is to create more value via a new product or service or add-ons for a product or service. Then go back and make an offer to previous customers of your product (A List of Proven Buyers).

Discounts and special bonuses for being a valued customer are preferable and work best in this situation

2). Get Your Customers to Buy More Products More Often:

The second thing you need to do is getting your customers to buy more from you more often. The best way for you to do this is to offer frequent buyers incentives or memberships programs.

The psychology behind this is that you want to create a sense of community among your customers to keep them coming back on a regular basis.

The RFM Formula:

A simple way to measure the value your current database is to use the RFM Formula. RFM stand for: Recency- When was the last time the purchased from you?

Frequency- How often do they buy from you?

Monetary- What is the monetary value of each customer

Strengthen Your Customer Relationships On Autopilot by Send Out Cards

The real secret to having a strong and profitable database is staying in contact with the customers on your list.

Where most small business owners and professionals fail is not having systems in place to stay in contact with their customers.

When trying to do this manually by going to networking meetings, calling them on the phone, maybe even writing a letter is where most break downs occur.

Therefore as a result the follow up is minimal or not existent at all.

As I stated earlier people will repeatedly buy from those that they have a relationship with and people equate relationships with frequency of communication and the value of what’s being communicated.

By Sending Out Cards you can stay in touch with your customers automatically in a meaningful way.

Instead of wasting precious time calling the on the phone as your only contact method send them meaningful cards to show them how much you appreciate them and they begin to call you.

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Why Choose Max International, LLC for Network Marketing?

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When looking at different direct sales/multi-level-marketing (“MLM”) companies, you wouldn’t be reading this article unless you are asking yourself: “Why choose Max International, LLC for network marketing?” Perhaps, you’re asking: “Why not?” Perhaps this is so, because you are interested in the product line, trust the person who introduced you, or are just now being exposed to the industry and Max is the first company you’ve seen. Maybe it’s a combination of all. In any case, let’s take a look at what might be compelling for a “yes” or “no” decision.

The Company

Max International, LLC (“Max”) is a nutritional network marketing/MLM company. It was founded by Steven K. Scott and Gregory Fullerton. Steven brought his significant, if not exceptional, marketing experience with him. (You may recall such products as Total Gym and Deal-a-Meal, multi-billion dollar successes. Those were his babies.) Gregory is known by many in corporate America for his speaking and motivational expertise. Already interested in health/fitness, they gathered a team of MLM specialists to bring a product line of specific types of supplements to a consumer who would appear to be very similar to those who had purchased or considered Steven’s earlier products. Max has founded in 2007, relatively new to this industry.

The Products

The nutritional supplement industry is enormous. The competition is immense. So, rather than present products that are hard to tell apart from anyone else’s, Max focuses on a specific type of nutrition, one that accelerates the body’s production of glutathione. MaxGXL is their core product. Glutathione is a major antioxidant. Therefore, the body’s continued production is important in fighting off disease and deterioration. Max also produces an energy product called MaxATP3. This product targets the body’s production of one of its primary cellular energy components. MaxN-Fuse is a combination of supplements targeting the elimination of free radicals in the body. Most all of their products are either patented or have patents pending. That provides a barrier against competition for its specific nutritional products. You might consider then the needs of the baby-boomer generation as well as younger people who are concentrating on health in general, when considering the product line.


Unfortunately, Max is fighting a couple of different law suits. One comes from a competitor who feels that this company shouldn’t be able to recruit its representatives. These type suits come up periodically in the industry and there is usually an out-of-court settlement. The other is a lawsuit from a company alleging false marketing and labeling. Max responded to this suit that it lacks merit. At the time of this writing, I’m not aware that either of the suits are settled.

The Business Model – The Opportunity

Max International, LLC elected to take its product to its targeted customers using the MLM model. While they state that their 50% payback is among the highest in the industry, it must be that I keep running across the other ‘highest in the industry’ company paybacks because I see that figure often. Max’s pay plan combines retail sales mark-up with team bonuses and an MLM matrix of unlimited width and seven levels of depth, then specifies the caps to prevent payout over 50%. There are, of course, various bonuses and increased compensation depending on level of achievement.

The reality is that you will need to grow a large organization to achieve success. That is true with any company in the network marketing arena. If you are convinced that the product line, assistance from your up-line and the compensation plan work for you, you will still need to find a way to generate a massive amount of leads to whom you’ll present your product and the opportunity. I know of no other place than the internet to get that done.

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Help With Finding a Mentor in Network Marketing and Direct Sales

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When embarking on any new career, planting one’s feet firmly on new ground is paramount to success.
A career in Network Marketing and Direct Sales truly begins with finding teachers, business trainers, mentors, gurus, leaders and coaches.

My journey began with a mentor, quickly learning that Network Marketing and Direct sales is a legitimate profitable career or profession.

Online the Networking Times University can plug you into the latest greatest MLM mentors, seminars, webinars, best sellers, courses and training. All their coaches are top sellers and earners in the Industry. You will find photos and course sign ups right on their homepage!

My next favorite mentoring resource is a combination of courses by Mike Dillard that offers a COMPLETE COMPREHENSIVE Professional TRAINING PROGRAM. This is a step by step guide to getting yourself and your business into the forefront of the online world.

Mike Dillard says that the 3 components of Network Marketing are MINDSET, MARKETING and MISSION.
I would suggest finding a mentor in each of these three categories. While all three are core and key to your career, each one is very specific and stands apart form the next in terms of tools, training and resources.

If you manage your home-business and want some help moving forward towards reaching your goals, here are some more suggestions;

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel finding gurus online. Start with your company’s up-line. Most companies have the necessary training or tools available to build your MINDSET and business at start up. You can change mentors or try new mentors within your company.

If you have up-lines who seem credible but their advice or training is insubstantial or not working, you are not alone. Search for mentors and trainers online. But be specific what you want to learn because there are amazing teachers and coaches for every subject in this Industry.

Find a professional mentor for subjects like Income Tax Benefits for home-business owners. There are many hidden perks the new marketer doesn’t know. You don’t have to be making money, just pursuing profits through your home-business to qualify for these benefits.

Narrow down your skill set and areas that need building or improving. See my list of over 100 mentors on my site, including their teaching materials.

I am finding that building my philosophy is helping me to establish a unique presence online, apart from my business opportunity. If you establish your MINDSET through a number of different philosophies and of course, your experiences, YOU will guarantee your own success.

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Things To Make Sure Of When Doing Direct Mail

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When you think of the words “direct mail”, how does that make you feel? Does it give you a rush of energy? Do you get excited because of the money-making potential? Is it something that you can see yourself doing in the future? All of these questions (and more) should be asked before you decide to embark on a direct mail campaign.

To be successful with direct mail, you have to worry about a few different things. And while I tell you this, I’m pretty sure that you will be thinking that this couldn’t possibly be true. But rest assured, it is. You can’t stay in the dark about these marketing strategies forever, so it’s time now that you stepped up to the plate, and implement some of these strategies here today.

To make your direct campaign work, the first thing that you will have to focus on is getting the letter delivered. If this sounds like nonsense, then remember what I said in the paragraph above. The truth of the matter is that a lot of bulk mail gets thrown out on a daily basis. So you will want to take it upon yourself and start making sure that your letter doesn’t be perceived as bulk.

The first way to counteract that is to use a plain #10 envelope. Include a real live stamp on the envelope and handwrite your name and address information, and handwrite your prospect’s name and address information. And it’s best if you can do this with blue ink. A strategy like this will have a 98% open rate. And if you didn’t already know, that is very high.

This will help you in 2 ways. The first way is that the mailman is less likely to throw your letter away, thereby giving you a chance of 100% delivery. And this also helps before your prospect will think that it’s a personal letter, and because of it, they will open the envelope and read all the contents inside of it.

With these 2 things covered, I think it’s time to take a look at your offer. Before you mail out to your prospects, make sure that your offer is something that they will jump on immediately. To make this happen, ask yourself the following question: “How is my product or service unique”? This is a question that you must ask if you want to stand out from your competitors.

This is known as your “USP” (unique selling proposition), and it’s something that should be answered if you want to make a lot of money in your business. To help to build the perception of your offer, include a lot of bonuses just to “sweeten the deal”. This way you will give your prospect a much better way to say “yes” to you and take you up on your offer.

In any direct mail campaign, your list, sales letter, and offer needs to be intertwined with each or your campaign simply won’t work. I want to see you succeed, so if you can follow the tips in this article. I’m confident that you can see the results that you’re looking for if you follow these simple direct mail techniques.

Good luck with using these tips to your advantage.

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Five Easy Tricks to Expand Your Direct Mailing List

May 21 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Direct mailing is a priceless asset when it comes to giving your business a boost, but a direct mailing campaign is only as good as your mailing list. Think about it. Ten mailings are going to bring you more business than five. One hundred mailings are going to bring you more business than ten. One hundred carefully targeted mailings are going to bring in more business than one hundred random ones.

It makes sense, then, that expanding your mailing list would be a top priority. The question is, how? How are you going to be able to carefully direct your marketing efforts at the people you want to reach (the ones that are most likely to give you their money!) if you are just going to be plopping your advertisements in their mail box?

Here are five tricks used by professional direct-mail marketing companies to help their clients expand and target their mailing list and exponentially increase their profit margin. If you incorporate these hints and tips into your direct mailing campaign you should be able to grow your mailing list quickly, quietly and effectively.

  1. Include a link on your website asking visitors if they would like to join your mailing list. If so, give them the opportunity to give you their name and address. Many businesses, large and small, work so hard to optimize their site for the major search engines that they fail to see the potential of direct-mailings. Do not, however, give in to the urge to require your would-be clientèle to join your mailing list before allowing them to access your site. This trick has been abused by SPAMmers for so long that you’re going to lose your customers before they’ve even gotten started.
  2. If you have a store, ask your customers for their name and address upon checkout. If they are shopping at your store they are obviously patrons of the product or service that you are offering; and there’s no better customer than a repeat customer.
  3. Search around for related businesses and add them to your mailing list. If you offer a trash disposal service and a new restaurant has just opened up down the street you can guarantee that they’re going to be looking for somebody. That somebody should be you!
  4. Team up with another business that offers a product or service related to yours. Add their customers to your mailing list and vice-versa. This way you get happy customers, happy professional contacts and happy financiers.
  5. Take part in community events and offer visitors the chance to sign up. Local exposure is wonderful, and you can almost guarantee that the people who sign up will be back; after all, there’s nothing to inspire a return visit like accessibility.

Direct mailing is a fantastic way to expand your customer base, but you have to have a customer base to expand on first. Carefully targeting and expanding your mailing list is the most essential and non-negotiable factor in any direct mail marketing campaign. With a little time and effort you’ll be able to make yours work for you.

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Use Kid Promos To Market To Kids, Not Manipulate Them

May 19 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Marketing to children has been happening for probably as long as marketing has existed. To some people it probably used to seem like a waste of time, because kids don’t have jobs so they don’t have money to spend. That kind of shortsighted thinking isn’t very common these days, and the promotional industry has no shortage of products for children.

The fast food industry has been a master of marketing in general, but has been especially good at marketing to kids for the past few decades. The introduction of a particular fast food restaurant’s meals targeted directly at children in 1979 turned out to be a huge success and have been used to this day. A decades-old marketing program is a thing to behold! This author grew up in the 1980s and had grown up looking forward to an opportunity to have one of those meals. Mostly for the toy! The meal just wasn’t just “kid sized” but incorporated cute promotional packaging and cheap promotional toys. It turned out so successful that the leading competitors couldn’t ignore it and they’ve got their own.

Special food packaging and food portions for children aren’t the only way to market to kids. Virtually every business out there will have some avenue for kids promos. A bank can offer a special promotion to encourage kids to start saving early, giving out promotional piggy banks or putting together a “Getting started” kit for kids that educates them on the benefits of saving money. Some airlines have special “fun packs” they offer to families which are airplane-theme boxes with more airplane themed promotional items inside. Crayons, pencils, pads of papers, and even toys are out there. You might even try to include children in the actual planning of your next promotional product. Hold an artwork contest that allows kids to submit art, and use the winning entry on your next promotional giveaway to give your company a kid-friendly appeal.

It’s important to at least make an effort to combine your marketing with something beneficial to the kids. If it’s just blatant manipulation of kids, parents will have a negative reaction and for good reason. Then you’ve got bad publicity, and your business might not be the kind of business that can claim any publicity is good publicity. There are a wide variety of ways to add an education touch to your promotional items, and some of them are explicitly education like special safety coloring books or products with educational messages.

The difference between marketing and alienating potential customers can always be kind of hazy, but is particularly treacherous when it comes to kids. While McDonald’s special meal idea turned out to be a huge success, they stumbled when they went as far as marketing directly on a school’s report cards. Almost every school district, looking for more revenue, has at least considered allowing restaurants to set up shop in a cafeteria and this is always controversial. So don’t toe the line too closely, you don’t know when you’ll accidentally cross it.

Even despite the hazards, including youth in marketing efforts remains a worthwhile idea. Don’t be slimy about it and you’ll be fine. Creating a good relationship with youth will lead to a mutually beneficial and long-lasting business relationship.

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Article Marketing – How Can Your Really Become Successful With Article Marketing?

May 17 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

First of all, we must define success in article marketing. If you do not know what you are trying to achieve, then how will you know if you have made it or not?

Before we can even talk about how to define success in article marketing, we must think about what are the possible goals with article marketing.

There are two general ways to make money with article marketing: direct traffic, and building long term inbound links to help you gain high search engine rankings for long term traffic.

In the first case, direct traffic, you will be writing a larger number of articles (100-200 per month if you are fulltime online) and submitting them to a small number of high-traffic article directories.

In the second case, you will be writing a smaller number of articles (perhaps 10 per month) and submitting them to up to about 200+ article directories online. This will create high numbers of backlinks to your web site, which will help increase your search engine rankings, so you can develop long-term sources of income.

Which to choose? I think you should have some mix of both – of course you have to decide how much of each you want, as any time spent on one takes time away from the other.

One of the biggest keys to success with article marketing is quantifying your goals online and with article marketing, then going out and doing them. That means if you commit to 200 articles written and submitted this month, if you get behind – you simply have to work extra to catch up.

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Latest Direct Marketing Solution – Email Marketing with Desktop Alert

May 16 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Email marketing solution provider dotMailer announced its technology partnership with the award winning push technology market leader Skinkers for new and existing clients on 1st May 2007.
Marketing experts think that this partnership is going to have a long lasting effect on the market and people can expect many similar deals in the future.

Email marketing has been a prime choice for marketers to reach the target market easily and within a moderate budget. They also use this method to sustain the existing customer base and update them about latest developments in the company.

However this technology partnership between these two corporations is going to expand the horizons of direct marketing in UK. dotMailer now will also offer Skinkers Alerts to reach the target market directly on the customers desktop.

Skinkers Desktop Alert is one of the most exciting communication channels that can take direct marketing strategies by storm if properly implemented. Industry insiders think that dotMailer’s professionals are working very well to come out with a perfect solution to use and incorporate effective email marketing strategies into Desktop Alert system. The information, in this process can also be sent directly to the handheld devices which further establish its uniqueness as well as timeliness.

To add to this, that clients can decide the actual time when the information should ideally reach the target audience in a specified format. The clients can also predetermine specific visitor segment along with display duration for the optimum use of the channel.

The messages that normally arrive as an alert in the selected devices like PC, Laptop, BlackBerry or mobile phones, can also be redirected from one device to another if the message is not acknowledged to be seen or read for a set period of time.

“It is always a win-win situation for the client” says a direct marketing expert as, “now they can ensure that the messages reach the target audience this way or the other and the audience reads it – the mode is now wide open for the clients as well as the audience to choose from”.
Along with it the clients now can reach directly to the niche market segment based on the permissions from the receivers or the audience. This makes the marketing standpoint of the clients more precise, trustworthy and upholds brand value.

This latest direct marketing strategy also helps to maintain the applicable laws and guidelines in UK.

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