Affiliate Marketing – How To Create A Presell Affiliate Products Sales Page

One of the strategies that you can use is to create your own affiliate product sales page to improve your income. There are some products that are very good but its sales letter is not good enough. If you direct your customer to the merchant’s lousy sales letter, you might not even get any sales no matter how good the product is. The article will touch on how to create your own affiliate sales page.

You can take all the best parts of the sales copy bits from the merchant’s sales page that you are promoting for. Once you have collected all, you can even add your own sales copy and the end of your page will be the order button which will be linked to your affiliate order link page. When you are using this method, do make sure that you also cover these few areas:

o You must have a good headline to capture attentions. What you can do is have your own swipe file of good headlines that attracts your attention. You can try out the different headlines to find out which headlines works best for you.

o You must develop interest telling a true short story on how this product helps you or the customer that have bought them before. Tell them “what’s in it for them” and list in bullet points the reasons why they must buy this product and the problems that will be solved if they buy the product.

o You should include testimonials and proof in your webpage to increase the customer’s trust in you. One of the sneaky ways to get the testimonials if to get it directly from the merchant’s sales letter.

o You must call to action. Tell them exactly the action that they have to take and do to close the sales.

These are the few things that you must include in your affiliate products sales page. This will ensure that you will be able to effectively presell them the affiliate products and you will have more control compare to if you direct them directly to the merchant’s website, there is no control for you as whether it will makes sales or not will depend on the merchant’s sales letter. I hope that you will find this article useful to you.

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