Help With Finding a Mentor in Network Marketing and Direct Sales

When embarking on any new career, planting one’s feet firmly on new ground is paramount to success.
A career in Network Marketing and Direct Sales truly begins with finding teachers, business trainers, mentors, gurus, leaders and coaches.

My journey began with a mentor, quickly learning that Network Marketing and Direct sales is a legitimate profitable career or profession.

Online the Networking Times University can plug you into the latest greatest MLM mentors, seminars, webinars, best sellers, courses and training. All their coaches are top sellers and earners in the Industry. You will find photos and course sign ups right on their homepage!

My next favorite mentoring resource is a combination of courses by Mike Dillard that offers a COMPLETE COMPREHENSIVE Professional TRAINING PROGRAM. This is a step by step guide to getting yourself and your business into the forefront of the online world.

Mike Dillard says that the 3 components of Network Marketing are MINDSET, MARKETING and MISSION.
I would suggest finding a mentor in each of these three categories. While all three are core and key to your career, each one is very specific and stands apart form the next in terms of tools, training and resources.

If you manage your home-business and want some help moving forward towards reaching your goals, here are some more suggestions;

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel finding gurus online. Start with your company’s up-line. Most companies have the necessary training or tools available to build your MINDSET and business at start up. You can change mentors or try new mentors within your company.

If you have up-lines who seem credible but their advice or training is insubstantial or not working, you are not alone. Search for mentors and trainers online. But be specific what you want to learn because there are amazing teachers and coaches for every subject in this Industry.

Find a professional mentor for subjects like Income Tax Benefits for home-business owners. There are many hidden perks the new marketer doesn’t know. You don’t have to be making money, just pursuing profits through your home-business to qualify for these benefits.

Narrow down your skill set and areas that need building or improving. See my list of over 100 mentors on my site, including their teaching materials.

I am finding that building my philosophy is helping me to establish a unique presence online, apart from my business opportunity. If you establish your MINDSET through a number of different philosophies and of course, your experiences, YOU will guarantee your own success.

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