Top 10 Reasons to Join a Top Tier Direct Sales From Home Company

Listed below, you will find top ten reasons to join a Top Tier direct sale from home or MLM Company. Please know that these reasons are simple opinion. You may agree or disagree with my reasons, because at the end they are simply that…my reasons. Here we go:

1) Reasonable Start Up Costs: In most cases, the start-up costs for a Top Tier Direct Sales or MLM Company ranges from a few hundred dollars to $5,000. In a few cases, it is either a little bit less or a little bit more. While this is more expensive than a traditional Company, it is still much cheaper than starting a traditional business, such as a franchise (I.E. Fast Food Franchise).

2) Large Up Front Commissions: Top Tier Companies pay large up front commissions when someone joins. The profit ranges from $500 to $5,000. That puts immediate profits into your pocket. To earn the same amount of money off another person in a traditional MLM Company would probably take you 2-5 years (assuming they stayed around that long).

3) Immediate Income: This is similar to # 2, but most traditional MLM Companies take several years to build a large income. Since the profit margins are so small, you have to build a large organization with a traditional Company, in order to make a large immediate income. With a Top Tier Direct Sales Company, you can earn immediate income from day one. For instance, if you make $1,000 per sign up, you could earn $5,000 in your first month by sponsoring five people. Try doing that in a traditional network marketing Company.

4) Higher Retention Rates: When people invest a few thousand dollars to start a business, they are much more serious. Few people will spend $2,000 today and quit in two weeks. In a traditional MLM Company, poor retention is one of the biggest issues.

5) No “Tire Kickers” or Quitters: In a traditional MLM Company, you end up baby-sitting grown adults, listening to their pity parties about why they can’t build a business. Or, you listen to a bunch of financially destitute, unemployed or broke people tell you why they don’t have the $50 to pay the enrollment fee. With a Top Tier MLM Company, you won’t work with this type of people. I’m not knocking people in the categories listed above. I’m just saying that I would rather work with financially secure, confident, and serious entrepreneurs.

6) Less Competition: You have less competition promoting a Top Tier Direct Sales or MLM Company. Most of these companies have less people promoting the business opportunity (online or offline), than a traditional MLM Company. On the other hand, if you do an internet search for a traditional MLM Company, you will find THOUSANDS of people promoting it.

7) Great Income Potential: I truly believe that Top Tier direct sales from home or MLM Companies offer great income potential, during the first few years. However, I also realize that you can earn a small fortune with a traditional MLM Company, after 5-10 years.

8) Marketing System: One of my favorite things about Top Tier Direct Sales and MLM Companies is that they offer great marketing systems. One of the biggest struggles for network marketers is that they get involved and don’t have a good coach to help them market their business. They sign up and never hear from their sponsor again. The key to any business is marketing. That’s why you should join a company with a good marketing system in place. Most Top Tier Companies have a dedicated sales force that follows up with your leads for you. How cool is that!

9) Return on Investment: With a Top Tier MLM Company, it’s easier to get a positive return on your investment right away. In most cases, you only need to generate 1-3 sales to recover your initial investment.

10) Less Stressful: Period. Looking at aforementioned points it occurs to me that having more support, a larger return on investment, and longer retention rates is just less stressful!

List of Top Tier MLM Companies

Listed below, you will find a list of the Top Tier MLM Companies. This is not an all-inclusive list. I learn about new companies every day:

• Carbon Copy Pro®
• Pyxism®
• Life Path Unlimited®
• Polaris Media Group®
• Liberty League International®
• Global Resorts Network®

Final Thoughts About Direct Sales From Home Companies

In summary, Top Tier Direct Sales Companies offer a unique business opportunity for the serious entrepreneur. (Emphasis on “Serious Entrepreneur”). Your key to success is to find a good company, with a good system, that fits with your core beliefs and commitments. Then team up with one of the company’s top earners. That way, you have a mentor to help you succeed. Many marketers are now doing both business models at the same time. That way, they have immediate income and long-term residual income. Ultimately, this decision is made by the entrepreneur and what fits them.

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